ZOO MUNDO is a new theatrical work performed live over the World Wide Web. Created based on a map tracing the origins of the human species and the coffee bean out of Ethiopia and across all continents, this play is a live cinematic epic performed for only 25 screens nightly. In 2020, Director Thaddeus Phillips & Designer Steven Dufala created ZOO MOTEL, an experiment in remote performance which became the longest running play performed online on earth. With ZOO MUNDO, they are diving deep into the possibilities of this new form with an absolutely impossible idea of making an epic work (albeit in a 10 foot X 10 foot studio in South America) that takes spectators across the Sahara, to the famed Florian Cafe in Venice, a voyage on the Siberian Express, across the Bering Straight, down the coast of the Pacific to a 7-11 in the California desert & ending in Antarctica.

ZOO MUNDO is a unique, fun & harrowing theatrical event that can be seen from anywhere on earth.